Biffa Wheelie Clean

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Biffa empties over 3 million refuse and recycling bins across the UK every week. It’s a rather dreary fact of life that wheelie bins do get dirty and smelly, and can become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

Getting them cleaned properly and regularly makes good sense. Following strong demand in your area, Biffa is now offering a professional washing service that’ll make your wheelie bins wheelie clean!

The Wheelie Clean service runs alongside Biffa’s regular collections of your bins, so you know the job will be done professionally and properly.

Refuse, recycling, garden and food waste bins/caddies can be cleaned every 4, 8 or 12 weeks. The choice is yours!

Biffa’s team will clean and disinfect your wheelie bin after it’s been emptied on your usual collection day, using specialised, purpose-built equipment that leaves it looking and smelling fresh. The service washes bins with very hot water as it’s much more effective at cleaning than the cold water systems used by others.

The Wheelie Clean service is backed by the experience and reputation of Biffa. It’s supported by a friendly call centre to answer any questions you’ve got about opening and operating an online account, and the various payment and direct debit options available.